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Technical parameters

Length of the working table 609.6 mm
Width of the working table 304.8 mm
Maximum height of the grinded workpieces (for a new grinding wheel) 508 mm
Power of the spindle drive 2.2 kW
Maximum rotary speed of the spindle 1710 1/min
Minimum longitudinal feed rate (Z-axis) 3 m/min
Maximum longitudinal feed rate (Z-axis) 25 m/min
Diameter of a new grinding wheel 304.8 mm
Maximum diameter of a grinding wheel 31.8 mm
Diameter hole in the grinding wheel 76.2 mm
Maximum length of grinding (without the grinding wheel output) X-axis 650.2 mm
Maximum width of grinding (without the grinding wheel output) Y-axis 309.9 mm
Machine weight 1.8 t
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